Architectural Design

We are experts in historic building rehabilitation and restoration, but JLK also has a diverse portfolio of new construction and modern retrofit projects as well. Principals Meg Kindelin and Terry Sullivan have more than 40 years of combined experience on a wide range of projects for a variety of different client types and sizes. In addition to our historic preservation portfolio, have worked on new design projects for the City of Chicago, corporate clients, higher education clients, and as part of our transit projects. We believe our ability to understand how existing buildings function and how they fail gives us the best insight when working with new construction

Historic Preservation

JLK understands how older buildings were built, how they can fail, and how they need to be repaired and modernized. Our keen eye toward older construction styles extends to methods of improving the interiors in a compatible manner, how to detail the project properly, all with an eye toward an aesthetic of compatibility. We also understand how these buildings need to work with, not against, new technologies and performance standards. We have been pleased to work with projects from 1840 to 1975, the current horizon of historic preservation.

Infrastructure + Transit

We understand the importance of transit in our daily lives in moving people safely and quickly throughout the Chicagoland area. We bring dedication to the design and construction of spaces that enrich people’s daily lives within field of transportation. As we embrace a future shaped by technology, we believe that better transit for the future will reduce stress and increase physical interaction.

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