20 in 2020!

We’ve really grown in the past 12 months, and we’re grateful to everybody who helped us with our expansion. We added 8 new faces bringing our staff total to 20 people in 2020! Say hello to our new staff!

Susan Turner, FAIA, PMP, LEED AP
Lead Technical Coordinator

Susan brings her 35 years of experience and expertise in preservation, lab planning, and all things tech to JLK. She’s a force of nature. She is as comfortable hanging off the side of the building for an inspection as she is hanging out at home making fantastic pastries for friends.

Lise Helene, AIA
Project Manager, Transportation/Civic

Lise is excited to be at JLK and applying her 30 years of experience in city and urban projects to our transit studio. When not participating in helping to make our built environment a better place, Lise likes to draw and sketch.  She is also taller than the trees in Manish’s photo.

Pattie Sticha, RA, NCIDQ
Senior Architect

Pattie joins JLK and adds her 25 years of experience in office interiors, education, planning and architecture. She loves design and solving a good technical challenge.  Pattie was born and raised in Chicago and enjoys yoga, gardening, and watercolor and sketching in her free time. You’ll have to guess which one in the picture is Pattie (hint: not the hard hat)

Manish Bhayani
Project Architect

Manish began as a grad student intern with JLK and transitioned to project architect in January.  We all appreciate his design ability, his calm demeanor, and his ability to meet every single deadline every single time. When he’s not powering through the next batch of redlines on your project, he’s permanently planning his dream vacation and saving up for the next tech upgrade. He isn’t much good with curries but he can make some delicious French toast

Katie McNamee
Project Architect

Katie joins us as a project architect with a passion and dedication to historic preservation which she studied in graduate school at the University of Kentucky. She’s an adept researcher, writer and project architect.  During more precedented times, she enjoyed trying out Chicago’s newest restaurants, but now she is content on just designing them. Other passions include catching a game at Wrigley or cooking for friends and family.

Heidi Nickel, RA, LEED Green Associate, WELL AP
Project Manager, Office Interiors/Labs

Heidi traveled from Michigan by way of Washington DC to join JLK in 2019 as a Project Manager with 9 years of experience in large commercial project management and administration. In her free time, she loves being outside:  hiking, biking, scuba diving, and everything in between. She also finds hiking (and all other) puns hill-arious.

Tony Rielage
Senior Marketing Coordinator

Tony has joined JLK as our Senior Marketing Coordinator after 13 years at Perkins and Will. When not using his talents to make your project more graphically amazing, he runs an improv theatre dedicated to dramatic improvisation. He also likes to bake and makes a mean tiramisu.

Haley Swanberg, Assoc. AIA, LEED Green Associate
Project Architect

Haley is a native Texan and joined JLK as a Project Architect this fall. Haley has 6 years of experience in the industry, most recently working at CallisonRTKL in Dallas and Chicago. As an avid foodie, Haley is always out trying new restaurants – searching for the newest and most eclectic places in the area. She also has a passion for wine, and plans to take the First Sommelier exam once she’s completed the ARE.

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